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The International Youth Film Festival Rotterdam is organised by Stichting Aquarius and sponsored by Huis Der Zotheid. Both organisations came together after the riots against asylseekers in november 2015 in Rotterdam.

With the Internationale Youth Film Festival Rotterdam the initiators Willma Kun (House of Craziness – Huis Der Zotheid) and Erik Van Loon (Foundation Aquarius – Stichting Aquarius) want to show children in Rotterdam how children in others countries life, what kind of religions and habits they have, food they eat and the problems they have to overwin.  

2016 Dit is geen HollywoodThis is not Hollywood (Image)

2017 Aarde, Lucht en WaterverontreinigingEarth, air and waterpollution

2018 Leven met een beperkingLife with a disability

2019 Leven in de grote stadLife in a big city

2020 Oorlog, Vrede en SchoonheidWar, peac and beauty

2021 Mensen, dieren en plantenHuman, animals and plants